Louder Sound Interview: Introducing CMON- The LA Band Who Refuse To Be Categorised

An Interview with Josh da Costa on his up-and-coming band, Confusing Mix of Nations, conducted for Louder Sound.

Image Credit: Mexican Summer Records

Earlier this month I interviewed Josh da Costa, member of the up-and-coming, LA-based band- Confusing Mix of Nations for Louder Sound Magazine.

Abbreviated to CMON, the band have just released their debut, self-titled album and talk us through what to expect from them.

Discussing their influences- which range from soul music to metal, CMON has captured something new in their sound, striving to blur the boundaries and refusing to fit into one genre.

From looking back at how the band was formed and discussing the constraints they saw in the music industry, to exploring what is installed for their future, the interview is one to keep an eye out for!

Click on the link below to see the full interview on the Louder Sound Website!


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