Meet Dead Label: The Band Standing Out From The Crowd and Broadening Their Horizons

From playing Download and Bloodstock to sharing a stage with Gojira and Machine Head, frontman and bassist, Dan O’Grady talks us through why Dead Label are only just getting started.


Forming in 2008, Dead Label have quickly left their mark on the music industry, becoming one of the most explosive new bands in the metal scene.

Although already conquering territory that most bands could only dream of, Dead Label insist that they are only just getting started. In this latest interview, vocalist and bassist, Dan O’Grady, summarises the band, shares his experiences within the industry and teases us with what is yet to come.

For those already familiar with O’Grady’s thunderous vocals and basslines, Danny Hall’s hard-hitting riffs and the immense precision of drummer, Claire Percival, the announcement of second guitarist, Mick Hynes is guaranteed to let the band venture into new territory- expanding their sound more so than ever before.


Influenced heavily by Metal legends, Machine Head and Gojira, Dead Label are, simply put, a band that dedicate their lives to music.

Completely disregarding the egocentric aspirations of fame and glory, O’Grady describes how passion is at the heart of Dead Label: “we love to create, we love to play those creations in a live setting”, “we have heart, we have drive and that’s what it takes to stand out from the crowd”.

However, that isn’t to say that the band don’t have a business mindset when it comes to their career. Deservingly credited as being one of the hardest working bands in the industry, the effort Dead Label put in behind the scenes allows them to stand head-and-shoulders above the masses. 


Reflecting on what makes them different from the infinite list of bands looking to ‘make it big’, the members have no doubt about what allowed them to make their mark on the industry:

“[What makes us stand out from the crowd is] our commitment, plain and simple. We keep our heads down, work hard and just keep pushing forward. If we get knocked down, which we have many times in the past, then we just get straight back up and keep on going. We have been through many different things over the years that would break many bands up or cause other bands to lose heart and quit but not us.”

Speaking of navigating the ever-tumultuous industry, it is fair to say that much of Dead Label’s successes were not without their set of hindrances. Whilst it is easy to focus on the band’s extensive list of accomplishments, the band insist that it was their ability to overcome obstacles placed before them that catapulted them further into their careers.

“We’ve certainly had our fair share of hurdles to overcome […] and we have had a lot of ups and downs with the music industry”,  O’Grady states. “Along the way we have certainly run into a few people who have tried and once or twice succeeded in ripping us off, but it has only made us stronger and wiser and it has shaped us into the band and people we are today”.


As for the future of Dead Label? Well, it seems as though everything achieved thus far is merely the tip of the iceberg as the Hardcore band are only just beginning to leave their mark on the scene. 

Promising a refreshing, new approach to their signature sound, new music is on the horizon as O’Grady teases us with a release soon to come.

“There will definitely be new Dead Label music out before the end of the summer. Also, we are just about done with the writing process for our upcoming album and we will be heading into pre-production in the next few weeks” he states.

“The new music is still as heavy as ever but we kind of feel like there are no limitations on us anymore, which is really exciting.”



To read the full interview with Dan O’Grady, click here!


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