Idle Hands: The band that rose from the ashes of their disillusioned past.

Meet the Gothic Rock band that refuse to let the mistakes of their past interfere with their future.

In the mere three years since their formation, the Gothic Rock band, Idle Hands have advanced further than many bands of their calibre. With most members formerly part of the band Spellcaster, Idle Hands is a band built upon experience, forming from the ruins of their previous project.

Originating in Portland, Oregon, the band’s musical inspirations are extensive. Ranging from the pioneers of classic metal to synth-inspired hits from the 1980s, the sound captured is a hybrid of different genres, coming together to provide a distinctive signature sound.

Whilst Idle Hands often draw similarities to band’s such as Sisters Of Mercy and The Cure, the band’s sound is far from predictable and allows them to stand out from the masses.

Speaking with Gabriel Franco earlier this week, the frontman discussed what inspired the band’s latest EP, Don’t Waste Your Time II, and his approach towards the world of music.

Describing the sound of the band for those who have yet to come across them, Franco insists that Idle Hands was founded upon merging alternating genres.

He states: “I was into old school heavy metal like Iron Maiden and all that stuff, but also Sisters Of Mercy and Depeche Mode. I never thought of mixing the two- I just wanted to write heavy metal music that was a bit more melodic and melancholy [… that’s how we got the label as a] “goth-rock, heavy metal fusion kind of band”. That’s what we are!”

The vocalist’s distinctive baritone vocals, highly reminiscent to Gothic Rock legends, Type O Negative, paired alongside uptempo, pop-inspired choruses fuse together across the band’s discography to create a new, unique sound within the music scene. 

However, despite Idle Hands’ distinctive edge when it comes to their sound, it seems to be the determination behind the scenes that allowed them to be catapulted into the spotlight. 

Reflecting back on his time in his previous band, Spellcaster, the frontman credits his successes, thus far, in Idle Hands as due to the lessons he’s learned along the way.

Reflecting back, he states: “I used [my experience in Spellcaster] as a lesson on how NOT to do certain things.” […] “You can’t be afraid to fail in whatever you’re doing because, when you fail, it’s a good lesson. It’s better than anything that anyone else can teach you because you’re never going to do it that way again.”

He continues, “We learned so much from our mistakes. That’s why when we started Idle Hands we were able to do it right. We had an entire year of planning in 2018 before we played our first show. The result of that was because of all the hard work, songwriting and promotion, our first show was packed and people were singing every single song along with us. I had never had that experience in my life.”

As for their latest EP, Don’t Waste Your Time II, it seems that the release comes as a result of the current tumultuous circumstances across the globe.

Originally set to be released back in June, the EP serves as a flashback to some of Idle Hands’ previous work that hadn’t yet been released, with all their latest work being directed towards an upcoming second album.

Following the widespread success and critical acclaim of their debut album, Mana, last year, the band’s next release is highly anticipated by fans.

Discussing what to expect from the upcoming album, Franco reflects upon how the current climate across the globe is inextricably impacting his music. He states, “[the circumstances are definitely] affecting the songwriting, it’ll be for the best though. Trouble and turmoil always bring out the best in music. I’m proud of the stuff we have at the moment and I know it’s going to be a good album.”

As for the sound yet to come. It seems as though Idle Hands are working on perfecting the unique sound that they have already captured. Choosing not to deviate away from their signature sound of hits such as ‘Can You Hear The Rain’ and ‘Give Me To The Night’, fans are guaranteed to be impressed by the work soon to come from the band. 

“It’s going to be our sound that’s evolving! When you hear it, you’ll know it’s Idle Hands. The music is going to be pretty much the same but with a few twists and turns here and there. More keyboard and piano. Where I’ve really evolved though is with the lyric writing and vocals. Expect some weird lyrics because I’ve always been huge into poetry and I like it when it gets a little weird.” Franco teases.



Don’t Waste Your Time II is out now and available on all streaming platforms

To read the full interview with Gabriel Franco, click here!

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