Project Renegade- ‘Order Of The Minus’ Review

Announcing themselves with their debut album, Project Renegade are bringing back Evanescence-influenced Rock with a bang.

Looking back at their debut album, Order Of The Minus, released last year, it appears as if the up-and-coming Greek band are set to revitalise the music scene with a sound rarely captured in recent years.

Upon first hearing Project Renegade, one thing becomes immediately clear; the band has managed, with complete ease, to accomplish something that is often the shortcoming of many bands: maintaining a perfect balance between heavy riffs alongside a sense of refinement and elegance.

With motifs of war, systematic-oppression, resilience and hope, Order Of The Minus sets out a clear intention in what it aims to depict. Opening with the Orwellian, 1984-style introduction as the album begins with ‘The Big Boss’, the album gently eases its listeners into the earth-shattering sound that is soon to follow.

‘Liber8’, ‘The New Joker’ and ‘Products Of War’ remain the standout tracks- conveying the band’s unique fusion of aggressive, head-turning instrumentation alongside ethereal, ambient vocals from frontwoman, Marianna. 

The underlying message throughout the album is arguably just as important as the music itself. Conveying a message of destruction and loss simultaneous to a message of hope, beauty and resilience, the album’s post-apocalyptic sound feels as if it belongs to a soundtrack of H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds.

Tracks such as ‘In Another Life’ and ‘Respirator’ on the other hand seem more dedicated to showing the nuance of Project Renegade. Deviating away from the force within the songs previously mentioned, these are the tracks that allow the album to flow with complete fluidity- narrowing down their sound and giving them more depth than most metal bands currently on the scene. 

More refined and stripped-back than their other tracks, these are the songs that perfectly capture that early-2000s sound best. The solemn and less abrasive sound not only embodies the band’s unique style perfectly, but also becomes a gateway to introduce more mainstream listeners into the world of metal. 

From the technicality and power of guitarist, Nick K, to the groove-filled and rhythmic backbone of the songs, provided by drummer, Ody, and bassist, Jay, each song on the album goes to prove that Project Renegade are here to leave a lasting impression. 

As a whole, although the band strive to break boundaries with their combination of both Groove and Heavy Metal, there is no doubt that Project Renegade have captured a sound that is unique to them. 

Haunting and atmospheric, yet undeniably heavy throughout, Order Of The Minus offers a beautifully delicate and nuanced sound. With heavier, Thrash-inspired tracks such a ‘The New Joker’ coinciding perfectly with the more melancholic ‘Black Mountain’ as the album draws to its close, Project Renegade, simply put, have managed to locate a gap in the market and create an album that can be appreciated by both pop and metal fans alike.




Order Of The Minus is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To read our interview with frontwoman, Marianna Florou, click here!

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