Joviac- The Band Revitalising the Prog Genre with Their Heartfelt Single, ‘Misplaced’

How the band are bringing Prog back into the mainstream and turning self-doubt into one of their strongest releases to date.

Released earlier this month, ‘Misplaced’, the latest single from Finnish band, Joviac, has already begun to turn heads in the metal scene. 

A fusion of emotion-orientated vocal melodies, catchy-riffs and abstract composition, the single has become the band’s most intricate and refined release to date. From the heart-rendering vocals to the unorthodox exploration of effects throughout, the single refuses to conform to the straight-forward structure that largely dominates the scene.

Following the concept of heartbreak, separation, and a crippling feeling of self-doubt, the track provides a much needed sense of emotion into an industry currently overrun by politically motivated music.  

Opening with the pop-punk inspired introduction, before kicking into their distinctive heaviness, Joviac immediately demand that heads be turned from the second that ‘Misplaced’ begins. 

Yet, of all their intricate sections, it is the catchy chorus and hard-hitting riffs within the song that captivate listeners most- proving that they are more than their generalised label as a Progressive Metal band.

With both Wenttola’s extensive vocal ability paired alongside the rhythmic, passion-filled technicality from the other members, the three-piece generate a unique approach to the genre, allowing themselves to stand out from the masses.

Although widely accessible, Joviac refuse to merely produce a catchy hit without genuine emotion or substance. Incorporating a deeply-personal message of forgiveness and hope into the track, the band ensures that their music spreads an important message of belonging for those willing to listen.

Holding their heart on their sleeve for the duration of the song, the emotion and depth generated by Joviac is one that is infectious to listeners, with a sense of raw emotion being conveyed in each section.

Structured as if it were a journey to into the members’ conflicting emotions, the range of alternating sections within the song perfectly capture the sense of inner conflict described within the lyrics. Teasing audiences by fluctuating between both aggressive, heavy riffs and moments of tranquil serenity, the track, with utter ease, captures a sound that can be appreciated by all music lovers.

To summarise, although the band constantly strive to evolve the track throughout, fluttering back and forth between raw aggression and heartfelt, acoustic sections, ‘Misplaced’ never deviates beyond the point of accessibility. With the pop-inspired chorus and aggressive, yet uplifting riffs that run throughout the single, there is little doubt that the track is one of Joviac’s most nuanced releases to date.



‘Misplaced’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up with Joviac, check out the links below.

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