Chaoseum: The Band Bringing An Insidious Twist Into Metalcore with Their New Album, ‘Second Life’

Back with their new album, the band are set to revitalise 2020 with their theatrical approach to Metalcore.

Founded just two years ago, Modern Metalcore band, Chaoseum don’t hold back when it comes to making their presence known. From their eccentric, head-turning image to the driving force of energy within their music, the Swiss rockers have already begun to turn heads across the metal scene for all of the right reasons.

Nowhere is this better seen than in their latest album, Second Life.

Two years since their debut album, the band are back with their new vocalist, CK Smile, who has opened the band up to their most distinguished and recognisable sound yet. Now, providing their most eye-catching work to date, the album is set to launch the band to a higher tier as they open themselves to new audiences.

Opening with the spine-chilling track, ‘Xxv-Ix-Mmxx’, the album immediately demands undivided attention from listeners, feeling suited to that of an insidious nightmare as it gradually builds up into the next track.

As the album progresses, it comes as no wonder why the band have already secured live performances at established venues such as LA’s notorious Whiskey A Go-Go and the prestigious NAMM event.

‘Smile Again’, ‘Feel’ and ‘Frozen’ all stand as the strongest tracks of the album, generating a distinctive, unique sound unlike anyone else on the scene, yet perfectly capturing the classic Metalcore sound that is guaranteed to have live audiences in the palm of their hand.

As for the album in its entirety, the thing that seems to stand out the most is the polyvalent vocals and immense precision of the band as they delve into a multitude of different sections in each song.

Drawing similarities to metal legends including Marilyn Manson, Korn and Trivium throughout, Chaoseum perfectly balance on the tightrope between the much-beloved Metalcore sound, guaranteed to galvanise fans, and their unique, theatrical edge that allows them to stand apart from the masses.

The title track, ‘Second Life’, alongside ‘Hell Has No Way Out’ and ‘Into My Split’ demonstrate this best. 

Switching back and forth between elements of clean vocal melodies and ferocious growls in each track, it is these songs that define the band’s unique sound best, showcasing the precision of each member simultaneously.

Yet, whilst the vast majority of the album maintains this Modern Metalcore sound, as the album draws to its close, subtle hints of other genres begin to emerge, teasing audiences as to what the future of the band could withhold.

‘Sex In Hell’, for example, shows Chaoseum fusing their haunting, sinister edge with both elements of early 2000s metal and heart-rending, acoustic rock as it fades into its close.

As a whole, Second Life perfectly captures the unique sound that Chaoseum aim to convey more elegantly than ever before.  A perfect blend of their distinctive Metalcore roots with a new sense of theatricality and flamboyance, the album ensures that the band won’t become lost amid the countless new releases of 2020. 

From the technical precision of the instrumentalists to the extensive range from vocalist, CK Smile, Second Life is an album unlike any other. Providing an eruption of energy and emotion, much-needed in these current tumultuous circumstances, the release is guaranteed to stop music lovers in their tracks and win over fans far and wide.



Second Life is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with Chaoseum, check out the links below!

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