Reviving the Golden Age of Metal: Silent Winter’s ‘The Circles of Hell’ Album Review

Reinventing themselves nearly a quarter of a century after they first formed, the band have brought back the 80’s era of Metal, more epic than ever before.

Forming back in 1995, Greek rockers, Silent Winter recently made the bold decision to start again from scratch after 23 years. That decision was one that has paid of in volumes, bringing the band to produce some of their best work to date.

Nowhere is this more overtly than in their most recent album, The Circles of Hell.

A modern revival of the bands that dominated the 80’s music scene, the album combines elements of Heavy, Power and Speed Metal to create a sound perfect for the devoted fans of the Old-School Metal scene.

Already receiving rave reviews and widespread acclaim on behalf of fans across the globe, Silent Winter have proven that, with The Circles of Hell, the Classic Metal genre is back and stronger than ever before.

Opening with the brief, instrumental track, ‘Infernum’, the band, in less than one minute, perfectly generate anticipation for the powerful and immense album soon to follow.

Showcasing blatant influences from the likes of Metal pioneers such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Helloween, the album pays homage to the golden age of Metal, bringing back a sound rarely heard in the current climate.

‘Soul Reaper’, ‘Follow The Night’ and ‘Keeper Of The Light’ all stand out as the strongest tracks on The Circles of Hell; capturing that unmistakable classic Metal sound without deviating into the territory of being a mere knock-off.

Of the entire album, it is the diverse vocal range of frontman, Mike Livas that seems to steal the spotlight. This is done as the immense power behind the vocalist helps an unmissable sense of emotion infiltrate each song- from the roaring, Rob Halford-style vocals of ‘Warriors of the SUN’ to the heart-rending emotion within ‘Silent CRY’.

Not merely a Twenty-First-Century version of the Metal pioneers, Silent Winter find their own, distinctive edge that sets them apart from the masses with slight hints of Prog becoming prevalent as the album develops. 

Simultaneous to the epic and majestic tracks, ‘Final Storm’ and ‘Your Time Has Come’,  which carry a powerful message of determination, perseverance and hope, a more emotion-orientated sound is created as the band duet in the ballad, ‘Silent CRY’. It is these moments of diversity that set the band apart from their predecessors- allowing a greater sense of nuance to infiltrate the album.

Now, with the release of their new album just around the corner, fans are eagerly anticipating what Silent Winter will create next. However, one thing that remains certain is that the Greek band will not be deviating from their Power Metal roots any time soon.

Certain to convey the same intensity, energy and force as in The Circles of Hell, the future of Silent Winter is almost guaranteed to appease the expectations of old-school Metal fans- bringing back the beloved golden era of Metal.



The Circles of Hell is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

The vinyl release of the album is out now! Click here to buy your copy!

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