Fusing Death, Thrash and H.P. Lovecraft…Deathcraeft’s ‘On Human Devolution’ Album Review

Announcing themselves with their debut album, the Greek band have already captured their unique sound.

Forming just three years ago, the up-and-coming Greek band, Deathcraeft, have already begun to rattle cages in the metal scene. Creating an unorthodox fusion of both Thrash and Death Metal, the band’s debut album is already set to turn heads and allow Deathcraeft to stand apart from the masses.

Released last month, the debut album, On Human Devolution, refuses to hold back its distinctive edge, emerging with all guns blazing as it showcases a sound quite unlike anything else currently on the scene.

Dealing with both the socio-political issues rife within society and the unsettling work of H.P. Lovecraft, the concept album offers a refreshing break from the currently downtrodden charts. Fusing both fictitious literature and political issues together alongside a blend of Thrash and Death Metal, the band refuse to be constrained by the notion of genre.

Opening with the chilling and ambient introduction from ‘The Ritual’, listeners are immediately thrust into the immense force of the album soon to follow. 

Fluctuating back and forth between Megadeth-inspired Thrash and the brutal intensity of Death Metal throughout, Deathcraeft seem to merge the two alternative genres together with complete ease, provoking a sound unquestionably unique to them.

‘Spreading Lies’, ‘Survival’ and ‘Paving The Way’ all seem to stand out as the strongest tracks of the album, perfectly capturing the raw force of both genres in a way that is guaranteed to satisfy when played live. 

Although maintaining an undeniably heavy, forceful sound throughout, it is the brief elements of theatricality within the album that takes it to the next level. Sometimes more suited to that of an Aristotelian performance than a metal album, hints of epic orchestral factors in tracks such as ‘Welcome To Oblivion’ allow the album to breathe, conveying its inspiration from early twentieth-century literature.

Whilst rife with different inspirations that infiltrate the sound, the overall impression left by the album, surprisingly, isn’t an overbearing one. 

In a way that cannot be pinpointed, the melting pot of genres throughout On Human Devolution seems to work seamlessly, capturing a sound that many artists would refuse to attempt. Carried by the underlying precision and force of drummer, Giannis Chionidis, the unorthodox, polyvalent vocals of the frontman and the Zakk Wylde-inspired lead guitar, the sound captured allows the tracks to be appreciated by all metal fans alike. 

As to the album as a whole? The unchallenged force and sense of raw energy throughout On Human Devolution has already established Deathcraeft as a band to keep an eye out for. From the immense force behind each member, to the unique blending of alternating genres throughout, the album has captured something that allows it to distance itself from everything else on the market. 

Staying rhythmic and accessible throughout, the album is highly recommended for Thrash and Death Metal fans alike- finding a unique, new sound that is guaranteed to draw a crowd when finally able to be played live.



On Human Devolution is out now and available on all streaming platforms!

To keep up with Deathcraeft, check out the links below.




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