An Alter Bridge-Inspired Sound Set to Endure The Test of Time: Dead Fish Handshake’s ‘Lies… And All That Jazz’ Album Review

Back with their most intricate and emotionally-fuelled release to date, DFH are adding a more personal aspect to the world of modern rock.

After emerging in 2011 and captivating the New Jersey rock scene, Dead Fish Handshake are back with their most heartfelt and distinctive release yet.

Released just last month, the band’s new album, Lies… And All That Jazz, perfectly captures the emotion-orientated, modern rock sound that DFH became founded upon- opening the band up to more audiences than ever before.

Centred around their mainstream rock roots, drawing inspiration from bands such as Foo Fighters, U2 and Nine Inch Nails, the sound captured on the album is certain to be considered the band’s best to date.

Pushing back and forth between both their heavier tracks and their heart-on-sleeve ballads, Lies… And All That Jazz depicts a beautiful journey of timeless rock, guaranteed to be appreciated by classic rock fans across the globe.

Opening the album with one of their more hard-hitting tracks, ‘No One’s Island’, the album immediately commences in a way that demands that heads be turned.

Drawing similarities to bands such as Alter Bridge, Shinedown and Volbeat, it is both the opening track and ‘Moodswing’ that seem to capture DFH’s distinctive sound best- promising to win over any crowd when performed live.

Yet, as the album progresses, it seems to be their emotion-driven, heart-rendering ballads that allows the band to capture a distinctive edge.

‘Then It Rains’, ‘In Dreams’ and ‘Still’ all seem to showcase this best. From the stripped-back instrumentals to the haunting vocals of the frontman as his voice rings out the chilling line: ‘mentally, I’m better off alone’, it is these songs that offer a more nuanced, meaningful aspect to the rock genre.

Carefully edging away from the fine line of cliché rock ballad, DFH seem to encapsulate the pure emotion and raw intensity in their sound with utter ease- something rarely seen in the industry.

Although an introspective album of both emotion and perseverance, the band are still able to incorporate subtle elements of instrumental virtuosity that allows them to stand apart from the masses of modern rock bands.

Ambient, effect-driven instrumental sections and unorthodox time signature changes allow aspects of Lies… And All That Jazz to have an almost progressive undertone- distinguishing it from any other artist on the scene.

As a whole, what seems to be most striking about the release is both its familiarity and its distance from anything else on the scene.

Intertwining obvious influences from Volbeat, A Perfect Circle and U2, the album wonderfully portrays the emotion-fuelled, timeless rock sound, guaranteed to satisfy any audience, alongside a unique sense of ambience and melancholy that sets it apart from the crowds.



Lies… And All That Jazz is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

To keep up with Dead Fish Handshake, check out the links below!

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