Black Stone Cherry- ‘The Human Condition’ Album Review

Bringing back their Signature Kentucky approach to Heavy Rock, the band have delivered a series of anthems perfect to escape the current circumstances.

Back with their seventh studio album, Kentucky-based rockers, Black Stone Cherry have provided a new lease of life into the otherwise-downtrodden music scene. 

Refusing to become engulfed by the turmoil and tragedy that seems to surround all aspects of current life, The Human Condition is the perfect album for those seeking out the pre-Covid days of the rock scene.

A series of hard-hitting anthems, guaranteed to captivate audiences across the globe, the central theme of The Human Condition chooses to deviate away from the harsh reality of current circumstances… instead opting for a route of unity and defiance in the face of disarray.

Opening with the fast-paced hit, ‘Ringin’ In My Head’, the first two tracks of the album immediately throw listeners in at the deep end- assuring them that this album is not to be misconstrued as one of sorrow and defeat.

Although highly reminiscent of nearly all of Black Stone Cherry’s previous releases, the band’s unwavering devotion to their signature sound seems to pay off exponentially throughout The Human Condition. Proudly honing in on their heavy rock-roots, nearly all of the tracks appear to be ones that will captivate any audience when played in a live setting- offering the sense of normality craved by those itching to return to live performances.

Whilst unambiguously and unashamedly remaining loyal to their signature sound for the duration of the album, that isn’t to say that The Human Condition falls into a void of the band’s extensive discography. In fact, it states the contrary. 

Rather than becoming stagnant and simply regurgitating the sound that the band became famed upon, the album instead demonstrates the members’ ability to perfect the sound that they pioneered as they formed back in 2001.

From frontman, Chris Roberson’s heart-rending, Chris Cornell-inspired vocals to the refinement and virtuosity of the instrumentals within each track, it is with The Human Condition that Black Stone Cherry prove that their best work is still yet to come.

Not merely an album of hits that promise to bring a roaring sense of energy when played live, tracks such as ‘When Angels Learn To Fly’ and ‘If My Heart Had Wings’ incorporate a much-needed feeling of raw emotion into the album. 

Blues-inspired and conveying a message of unity and hope in times of hardship, it is these songs that bring a more personal aspect into the album. With their heart-on-sleeve lyrics, tackling issues of isolation and self-doubt, the band prove that they can provide an epic album of hard-rock hits, without completely disregarding the circumstances that surround them.

Whilst constantly balancing on the boarder of being too similar to their previous releases, as a whole, The Human Condition still manages to be one of Black Stone Cherry’s best releases to date. Providing a much-needed escape from the downtrodden social circumstances and proving that, nearly two decades after their formation, the band have perfected their sound more so than ever before, the album is a must-hear for rock fans desperately seeking life prior to the pandemic.



The Human Condition is out today via Mascot Records.

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