When Power Metal Meets Sex Pistols: Harmonize- ‘Warrior In The Night’ Album Review

Exploding onto the metal scene, Harmonize are set to pioneer a new sound with the release of their debut album

Announcing their emergence with their debut album, Warrior In The Night, Cyprus-based band, Harmonize are already gathering a devoted following and beginning to turn heads across the metal community.

A unique fusion of Power Metal, Classic Heavy Metal and Thrash, the band have captured what is seeming to be their own distinctive sound, setting them apart from many others on the scene.

With influences ranging from Judas Priest to Sex Pistols, the album is one quite unlike any other, certain to spark interest and galvanise fans from across the globe.

Opening with the majestic instrumental track, ‘Warriors In Line’, Harmonize immediately throw listeners into the deep end, instantly conveying the militant and epic sound of the tracks yet to follow.

Their first album despite forming just short of a decade ago, it soon becomes transparent as to how the band capture their nuanced approach to the genre. Having already shared stages with acts such as Wotan and ex-Iron Maiden member, Blaze Bayley, it comes as no surprise that the band have already found their signature sound.

‘Warrior In The Night’, ‘The Astonishing End’ and ‘Crawling Among Shadows’ all prevail as the strongest tracks on the album. Withholding a more Progressive sound, the intricate structuring of these lengthier tracks allow the band to showcase their diverse range of influences- establishing them as ones to keep an eye out for.

Yet, not merely a progressive band that aspires to push the boundaries of genre, tracks such as ‘Never Back Down’ and ‘Tonight’ ensure to deliver that sharp punch of metal craved by devoted fans of metal’s ‘Golden Age’.

Reminiscent of Iron Maiden and Rainbow in aspects, it is these tracks that provide the perfect gateway into the band for audiences across the globe- perfectly demonstrating their classic metal influences alongside their distinctive edge.

Further showing their diversity when it comes to their sound, the album grows far from becoming stagnant as it progresses. With their emotional ballad, ‘Angel’, paired alongside the utmost ferocity of the vocals within ‘Tonight’, Warrior In The Night shows the band have no issues when it comes to perfecting their unorthodox sound.

As a whole, Warrior In The Night has firmly established Harmonize as a band coming to capture the the metal world. From influences spanning from Prog, Thrash and Classic Metal, the sound of the band is quite unlike anything else on the current scene. 

From Iron Maiden inspired riffs, to the angst and aggression of Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten, the debut album is one guaranteed to spark the interest from Metal lovers seeking out something new. Yet, with the vast range of influences within the album, one thing that remains certain is that the sound of the band will only become more solidified as they continue to release music and send waves across the metal scene for years to come. 



Warrior In The Night is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

To keep up to date with Harmonize, check out the links below!





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