Reignited From The Ashes of 2020: SixStringNoise’s ‘Hanami’ Album Review

Back with their fifth studio album, find out why the release is quite unlike anything else currently in the scene.

Since their formation back in 2010, Athens-based band, SixStringNoise have ventured on a path of self-discovery, with each release edging the band ever closer to their unique and unprecedented current sound. 

A blend of Hard and Heavy Rock, with subtle elements of Prog and Classic Metal, discover why the band’s upcoming studio album, Hanami, is their most vital release to date.

Taking its name from the season of the Japanese Cherry Blossom, SixStringNoise present Hanami to signify the shift from the tumultuous previous year into a fresh beginning. With underlying messages of mental illness, hope and perseverance, the album takes a much more direct approach to the circumstances in which it was written, confronting the issues we have collectively faced over the past year.

Although undeniably inspired by Heavy Rock groups such as Alter Bridge, it becomes immediately clear that SixStringNoise have no intention to settle for easy categorisation. From the immense pace and ferocity in tracks ‘Fight The Devil’ and ‘Persona Non Grata’, to the brief moments of stunning serenity exemplified in both ‘Change Your Mind’ and ‘The Justice of Your Maker’, what is most striking about the album is the band’s ability to defy genres, undeniably paving a path unique to them.

In its entirety, it is the opening tracks, ‘Beijing Cocktail’ and ‘Disappear Off The Grid’ that stand out as the strongest, carrying the band’s unique message of strength alongside subtle hints of artists including Iron Maiden, Pantera and Slash. 

Uttering chilling lines including “You gotta slay these demons coming back and forth that drag you down” and “don’t keep your self barricaded, lost inside this social disease […] I never want to lose my identity”, it is stunning lyrics such as these that set the band apart from the crowds. 

Although at times the album seems to skip back and forth between genres, never quite settling on one distinctive sound, it is these nuances throughout Hanami that separates the release from other albums this year.

For instance, the 80s Classic Metal sound mentioned previously within ‘Fight The Devil’ stands a world apart from the stunning simplicity captured in both instrumental tracks, ‘Hanami’ and ‘In Limbo’. Yet, despite the differences between the tracks, it is undeniable that each is certain to win over fans far and wide. 

‘Backfire’ and ‘Beijing Cocktail’ are both ones to keep an eye out for once the band are able to perform live. Conveying the vocal power of Classic Metal simultaneous to the energy of Heavy Rock, it is these tracks that are guaranteed to satisfy any rock fan that comes their way.

As a whole, Hanami deliver not only a sound certain to please any rock fan, but also a vital and powerful message much needed as we venture deeper into 2021. From the captivating vocals similar to that of Myles Kennedy to the unique range of genres explored, Hanami has not just captured our attention, but raised our intrigue as what the future holds for SixStringNoise.



Hanami is available exclusively on Bandcamp on February 12th.

To pre-save the album, click here!

To keep up to date with SixStringNoise, check out the links below.

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