REVIEW: Gojira Return to Their Origins in Latest Single- “Born For One Thing”

Announcing one of the most highly-awaited albums of recent years, find out how the band’s latest single has already exceeded all expectations.

Photo: Gabrielle Duplantier

After a long and gruelling five year wait, fans across the globe took a simultaneous breath of anticipation as Gojira teased us with hints of an upcoming release. Now, announcing their return and upcoming seventh studio album, Fortitude, the French band have left us speechless with their latest single, ‘Born For One Thing’.

In what feels like a mature and eloquent nod back to their thunderous origins, the latest single suggests that the album will likely be Gojira’s most refined and concentrated release to date.

Photo: Gabrielle Duplantier

Upon the release of their first single, ‘Another World’, back in August, the future of the band’s sound was thrown into question, with some fans feeling as though Gojira had abandoned their initial heavy and technical sound in exchange for a more held-back and melodic approach. 

However, with the debut of ‘Born For One Thing’, any initial hesitations have been quickly quashed as the band delivered arguably the most brutal and technically-refined tracks in recent years. 

Increasing adrenaline and anticipation as the track builds up to its climactic opening riff, Gojira remarkably have listeners in the palm of their hand within just seconds of the track initiating- with the militant, precise drumming of Mario Duplantier captivating the attention of all in sight.

Breaking abruptly into some of their heaviest work in years, the track as a whole delivers a throwback to their L’Enfant Sauvage era as the hard-hitting riffs and the unchallenged ferocity of Joe Duplantier’s vocals draw parallels to hits such as ‘Mouth of Kala’ and ‘The Axe’. 

Photo: Gabrielle Duplantier

Returning with their signature pick-scrapes, incomprehensibly-heavy breakdowns and Prog-inspired structure, the initial determination and hunger that the four-piece exerted in early tracks such as ‘Remembrance’ is captured- something less often seen later in the band’s discography.  

Although withholding more progressive and instrumentally-virtuosic elements than their previous single, what strikes us most about ‘Born For One Thing’ is the band’s ability to intertwine their old and new sound. Showcasing both their explosive, heavy origins and more-recently found sense of elegance and simplicity, the single conveys the message of environmental awareness and duty to protect the planet we call home throughout.

Unscathed by societal pressures to constantly churn out new releases and adapt their message to fit the latest trends, in ‘Born For One Thing’, Gojira remind us to keep our priorities properly aligned and look beyond the frivolous, temporary issues. Staying fiercely loyal to the integrity of their original message: there is no planet B, it seems fitting for the latest music video to be located in a Natural History Museum. This comes as, in the track, the band don’t only take a venture back to their earlier sound, but stay devout to their message: conveying the impermanence of life and how we need to collectively strive to protect the world around us.

As a whole, with their latest track, Gojira prove to fans that their distinctive sound only gets more resilient with the passing of time. Continuing to incorporate their signature technicality, distinctive heavy sound and excruciating attention to even the finest details, ‘Born For One Thing’ combines the band’s Prog roots with the elegance and refinement that only comes with experience.

Evoking an unmissable sense of passion and vigour in the piece, it appears as though, in Fortitude, Gojira will have solidified their sound more concisely than ever before. Already showing intent to return to their heavier origins and a determination to convey their overarching message more than ever before, we can ensure that the upcoming album will likely become arguably the most important release of 2021.



‘Born For One Thing’ is out now and available on all major streaming platforms! Fortitude is set to be released on April 30th. To pre-order the album, click HERE!

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What were your thoughts on the track? Let us know via the comment section!

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