REVIEW: Weekend Picnic Rekindle Our Faith in The Metal Scene With Their Debut Album

After announcing their incredible first single last year, see how the up-and-coming band have once again exceeded our expectations.

When it comes to seeking out the next-big-thing in the rock and metal scene, it can often feel as if the ‘Golden Age’ of the genre has long since passed. Or at least this was our frame of mind prior to the discovery of up-and-coming band, Weekend Picnic.

Exploding onto the scene following their debut single, ‘Suffer The Silence’ last year, the Minneapolis-based band are back, ready to turn heads with their first album and reignite passion for the genre.

With a stunning blend of inspirations, spanning from artists including Alter Bridge and Trivium, the sound delivered by the four-piece has already become one of our favourite releases of 2021 and guarantees to set Weekend Picnic apart from other new artists on the scene.

In a sound reminiscent to some of the biggest names in rock, the album not only delivers a series of tracks certain to draw crowds far and wide, but also captures the band’s distinctive edge along the way.

Opening with the staple track, ‘Believe In Me’, Weekend Picnic immediately establish the hard-hitting, epic tone that follows through the release. From the ethereal and unorthodox introduction to the ferocity of the opening growl as it enters the main riff, it becomes immediately clear that the band refuse to hold back when it comes to making their voices heard

Laying down their motivation behind the album, the album proves that Weekend Picnic bring something new to the table. In reference to the new release, the members state: “Our music is unique and stands on its own, but it still […] takes inspiration from what we know and love and grew up with”.

‘Suffer The Silence’, ‘Lies’,  ‘Alone’ and ‘The Answer’ all stand as the strongest and most definitive tracks of the album- conveying the band’s technical dexterity and songwriting ability best. Able to express the authentic sense of emotion in their heart-on-sleeve lyrics, each song resonates with its listener.

The members state: “we are stylistically diverse and not afraid to try something new… something we’ve always strived for is for each song to tell a different story […] yet still live in harmony on the same plane as our other work”.

As the album progresses, it becomes immediately clear that the band have achieved this with utter ease. Using ballads including ‘Remember October’ and ‘Initials On A Tree’ to exemplify this nuance in their sound, is is here that album lets us glance into the message of determination at the heart of the release. 

Looking at their inspiration for the album, they claim: “From songs about overcoming unbearable grief, love lost, sacrifice, and finding your inner strength, we think this album has something for everyone. We’re just so proud of this album, and we’re incredibly excited to show it to the world and let them know who we are”.

As a whole, the debut album serves as a warming reminder of why we placed Weekend Picnic on our Top Ten New Releases of 2020. From the epic and emotional vocals to the immense and powerful songwriting throughout, the band prove that they’re ones to keep an eye out for.

Delivering nostalgia as they channel some of our favourite artists, yet still capturing a refreshing new approach, the album brings something new to the scene and perfectly establishes Weekend Picnic as a force to be reckoned with.



The self-titled album is due to be released on March 12th and will be available across all streaming platforms.


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