REVIEW: August Burns Red Push Boundaries With Their Metal Cover of Westworld’s Theme Song

Coming up to a year since their last album, the band delve into new territory by taking on a cover from the hit HBO series.

Earlier this week, Metalcore band, August Burns Red, debuted a new single in which they cover the theme song of the critically acclaimed sci-fi series, Westworld.

Taking the orchestral, classical-style piece originally written by Ramin Djawadi, the Pennsylvanian band put their own spin on the piece and push the boundaries of what we thought was capable from August Burns Red.

Recorded back in the summer of 2020, the band remain loyal to the cinematic and melancholic nature of the original for the most part. Retaining the orchestral elements and simply substituting the piano at the forefront of the piece for a Clapton-esque lead guitar, the track opens as an almost exact replica of the original.

Yet, as the band embellish the cover with their signature drumming style and harmonised lead guitars, it soon becomes clear that this cover is distinctive to August Burns Red, gradually leading the listener into the unique metal sound soon to follow. 

Progressing into two completely new and original sections at the heart of the track, the song becomes something more than a mere cover, but rather a completely new piece that pushes the boundaries of the band’s usual sound.

From the Western, saloon-inspired rhythms to the Iron Maiden undertones, August Burns Red take their distinctive sound into new territory and play with genres we didn’t yet know they were capable of. Interpreting the original piece in their own, unorthodox way, the risky approach to the piece pays off- broadening their horizons and generating intrigue towards the future of their sound.

This new approach also comes following their cover of System of a Down’s hit, ‘Chop Suey!’, back in December in which the band pushed their Metalcore sound and opened themselves up to new audiences.

As it draws to its close, ‘Westworld’ returns to its origins, following the exact structure of the original and layering instruments to capture the epic undertones but simply in a Metal format. 

As a whole, the single offers a new, previously-unseen aspect to August Burns Red and raises intrigue for the future of their Metalcore sound. Able to venture into a Blues-style, capture hints of Western Swing and put their own stamp on the classical piece, the track not only shows the diversity of the members, but also introduces a whole new approach to the Metal genre.



‘Westworld’ is out now via Fearless Records and available on all streaming platforms.

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What are your thoughts on the track? Let us know via the comment section!

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