REVIEW: Myles Kennedy Debuts The Epic Title Track of His Upcoming Album, The Ides of March

In the run-up to his second solo album, see how the musician has created a cinematic masterpiece in his latest single.

When it comes to Myles Kennedy, there is something about each of his releases that gives a new lease of life to the rock scene. Something that galvanises rock and metal fans globally and delivers that much-needed punch of energy sorely lacked in recent years; especially since the impact of the ongoing pandemic. 

Now, with the announcement of the title track from his upcoming solo album, The Ides of March, this statement rings true more so than ever before. Delivering an emotional yet epic journey, the guitarist has already exceeded expectations for the album in this experimental, eight-minute-long track. 

Opening into a simple, Dire Straits-inspired melody, Kennedy immediately draws parallels to his first solo album, The Year of The Tiger. Honing in on the same sense of emotion and authenticity captured in the first release (which explored his acceptance of his father’s death), a similar frame is taken towards ‘The Ides of March’- exploring an emotional, yet optimistic premise as it progresses. 

Not to be deceived its initial sound, the direction of the track begins to develop, gradually incorporating alternating melodies and rhythms to elevate the single into something more than a ballad. With sections of both shred and groove being embedded, Kennedy has already begun to expand his horizons further than in his first album: now more willing to experiment with genres and include subtle nods towards his work with both Alter Bridge and Slash. 

This is seen most expertly at the heart of the single. Reminiscent to both Sting’s ‘Shape of My Heart’ and The Eagles’ hit, ‘Hotel California’, the simple, emotion-fuelled backdrop that underpins the track evolves further, playing with a classic 70s groove and establishing the album as a must-hear for 2021. 

Consistently balancing between the heart-on-sleeve approach seen in his first solo album and the energy and vigour of Alter Bridge, it is here that Myles Kennedy lays the foundation for his distinctive sound best. Conveying a straightforward, sombre message alongside technical-precision and virtuosic-songwriting, the track, although nearly ten minutes long, swiftly avoids becoming repetitive nor convoluted- making it potentially his best release to date.

As a whole, ‘The Ides of March’ has established Myles Kennedy’s solo career to be just as awe-provoking and important as that of his other, more famous projects. Refusing to conform to mainstream standards, the lengthy track instead allows the musician to show off his ability to blend numerous genres and generate his own distinctive edge.

Still retaining the stunning simplicity of The Year of The Tiger, the single is guaranteed to satisfy rock and metal fans around the world and provoke a new wave of listeners for the musician soon to come.



The single, ‘The Ides of March’ is out now via Napalm Records, to listen to the track, click HERE!

Myles Kennedy’s second solo album, The Ides of March, is due to be released on May 14th, to preorder the album, click HERE!


To read our review of Myles Kennedy’s debut solo album, The Year Of The Tiger, click HERE!


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