How to Support Artists During a Pandemic

With tours cancelled across the globe, here are ways to support your favourite artists in times of uncertainty.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 earlier this year, musicians across the board are struggling to stay afloat with the lack of opportunities available at this current time.

From those who can sell out arenas to the local bands who play around the corner, if you want to ensure that your favourite artists can keep producing music in these times, follow these tips to help support them!

Buy Merchandise

This is the most simple solution! With artists making next-to-no profit due to the rise of streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, the vast majority of their income comes from the sales of their merchandise!

Most bands now days have a massive variety of apparel available, no longer just T-shirts and hoodies. From pins and mugs for less than £10 to guitar-effects pedals, Covid-19 face-masks and even Christmas decorations- you’re guaranteed to find something you want when you have a browse through their websites!

With a seemingly unlimited amount of merchandise on offer, anything you choose to buy is guaranteed to massively help out the band behind it as the vast majority of the profit goes straight to them. Plus, we hardly need to mention the fact that you’ll look great because of it too…

Recommend them

Strapped for cash at the moment? Don’t worry, you can still support your favourite bands in other ways.

Simply recommending your favourite artists to someone you know- even if it’s just one song- is a perfect way for them to keep up momentum whilst being unable to tour. This is especially beneficial when it comes to smaller, lesser-known bands!

Whether it comes from dropping their name into the conversation or forwarding a link of them performing live… whatever you do to get their name out there will have a massive impact on the artists and enable them to keep active without touring!

By Physical Copies

As previously mentioned, the rise of streaming services are leaving many musicians out of pocket due to the lack of profit they make from it, so why not invest in one of their physical copies of their discography.

It’s always been said that the ‘real thing’ (otherwise known as anything that isn’t downloaded) is much better than it’s digital alternatives, so now is the best time to dig out the old record player or finally revive that collection of CDs!

Although considerably more expensive, you’d be surprised how much there is to love about the ‘real thing’.

From being able to properly appreciate the artwork involved and flicking through the lyric book to even just listening to an album start-to-finish the old-fashioned way- being able to hold an album in your hands will give you a new-found love for the music inside!

Give Some of Their Lesser-Known Work a Chance

By this point, you will be pretty certain which songs demonstrate your favourite band at their best and which… don’t.

Now that you have some spare time on your hands, why not take a glance back at those songs that usually get skipped without a second thought? Who knows, maybe you might find your next favourite song being one that slipped under the radar or, maybe, your least favourite album contains a gem that you hadn’t given a second thought up until now. 

Regardless of what you find, by revisiting an artist’s discography you’ll be sure to discover which deep-cuts failed to gather the recognition they deserve, as well as giving more traffic to the band!

Think Outside the Box

So, you’ve got all the merchandise, recommended them to all your friends and know their discography inside and out… what next?

Well, try thinking outside the box! With social media playing such a vital role in connecting musicians to their fans, many bands are coming up with new, innovative ways of getting their name out there and gathering momentum.

A great way they’re doing this is through one-to-one interactions with fans through Live Stream Q&As and appearances on Cameo where you can purchase a personalised message from a whole range of celebs, including legendary drummer, Mike Portnoy and Trivium frontman, Matt Heafy! 

In fact, some iconic musicians are even offering direct lessons, including Megadeth guitarist, Kiko Loureiro- so pop onto social media and have a look around! 

Offer Gratitude

Ways to support your favourite musicians during the pandemic doesn’t have to be limited to financially- just a simple act of giving smaller bands some appreciation can go a long way too.

For local bands who caught your eye and lesser-known bands who you feel deserve wider recognition, dropping them a simple message of support can make more difference than you’d think.

Even if there is nothing you can buy from the band as of now, you can still help them gather long-term momentum. Share one of their posts on Facebook, feature one of their songs on your Instagram story or leave them a great review online to help them get more gigs in the future.

Even the smallest act that takes less than 5 minutes could leave a lasting impact on those trying to conquer the music industry and benefit them in the long run so take a few minutes out of your time self-isolating to help out the musicians around you!

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