Reigniting the Flame of the Black Lives Matter Movement: Rükiye and Tylarik’s Heartfelt Single, “Minneapolis Man”

Ensuring that the legacy of George Floyd continues to live on, the duo unashamedly call out against the injustices still rife in current society.

In a year filled seemingly with tragedy after tragedy, it appears as if society has been forced to hop from one disaster to another with each waking day. In such a world, it comes as no surprise that true change and genuine empathy is becoming rarer to stumble upon.

Amid the constant turmoil of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and the recent chaos of the US Presidential Election, the monumental Black Lives Matter Protests tragically seem to be a thing of the past. Continuously declining in momentum as new circumstances unravel, the movement becomes lost from recent memory.

Yet, with their latest single, ‘Minneapolis Man’, the duo, Rükiye and Tylarik, ensure that the movement isn’t yet part of the history books, paying homage to George Floyd with their blues-inspired sound. 

Rhythm-orientated and funk-inspired, the tragic single refuses to shy away from addressing some of the most dire and controversial issues prominent in society. Unambiguously confronting those responsible for racist prejudices and Police Brutality, the track immediately captures the attention of listeners across the globe- demanding that the outrage at Floyd’s murder does not diffuse with the passing of time. 

Whilst a topic that many artists have attempted to shed light upon, none have captured the issue at hand quite as elegantly and blatantly as Rükiye and Tylarik.

Embedding their unique fusion of Blues, Folk, Jazz and Classic Rock, the sound captured within ‘Minneapolis Man’ is one unlike any other. Touching upon such a range of genres in the song, the Americana-sound of the track becomes inextricably linked to African American history and heritage, at times drawing parallels to music icons such as Chuck Berry, B.B. King and Ray Charles.

With the folk-inspired sound and stunning harmonies of multiple vocalists, the duo draw some similarities to the politically motivated, Nashville-based band, Front Country.

Opening with Tylarik’s warm, soulful vocals as he delivers the chilling line: “In a world filled with sorrow, we’ll do whatever we can to fight the lonely battle of the Minneapolis man”, the message that lays at the heart of the track is immediately established, unifying listeners with an overwhelming sense of empathy and compassion.

What’s more, whilst the lyrics, written by Giorgos Hondralis, instantly strike audiences, a greater sense of gravity is attached behind each line as we remember Tylarik’s previous profession as a Texas-based Deputy Sheriff, and a Black man.

This, paired with the ethereal voice of the female vocalist, Rükiye, allows the track to appeal to practically all audiences. With six album releases to her name, the elegant and melodic vocals of the singer flow against Tylarik’s to create an unwavering sense of both beauty and melancholy throughout the track. 

In its entirety, ‘Minneapolis Man’ delivers the sharp and abrupt message desperately needed in a society that is fast forgetting about the systemic racism rife within US society. 

From the stunning vocals of both Rükiye and Tylarik, to the heart-wrenching lyrics of Giorgos Hondralis, the Americana sound delivers a much-needed message of unity and perseverance in a way that will undeniably galvanise all listeners.



‘Minneapolis Man’ is out now via Spider Music and available on all major streaming platforms.

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