REVIEW: An Obscure and Emotional Approach to Black Metal- Cicada The Burrower’s ‘Corpseflower’

An ethereal and unorthodox voyage into the human mind, discover how the album is quite unlike any other on the scene.

When it comes to Black Metal, it is rare to find an artist that truly breaks the mould, as bands increasingly seem to border predictability. With themes such as melancholy and depression rife with the genre, it can feel at times as though the niche category is on a one-way journey to becoming a cliché.

At least that was our perception of the genre prior to discovering Cicada The Burrower’s new album, Corpseflower, set to be released on April 23rd. An experimental and unorthodox approach to Black Metal, the album offers a fresh surge of life to an otherwise downtrodden scene.

Forming back in 2012, the one-woman-band from Wisconsin has already set herself apart from others on the scene with her authentic and unadulterated approach to her sound.

Refusing to conform to expectations and continuously striving against the constraints of one set genre, the final product of Corpseflower offers a raw and, at times, disturbing glimpse into the artist’s mind. 

An instrumental album for the most part, it is easy to forget that the landscape of sound was created by just one individual. With the ethereal and cinematic layering of instruments throughout, the tracks on the album come together seamlessly- conveying an unmistakable wave of emotion as we delve into the musician’s most intimate feelings.

‘Glamour’ and the closing song, ‘Corpseflower’ stand as the most stunning and atmospheric tracks on the release. Entirely instrumental, the immense attention to detail here becomes immediately clear. As the musician toys with different layers throughout, she galvanises the same timeless feeling as in Led Zeppelin’s psychedelic hit, ‘No Quarter’ and draws parallels to the simplicity of acts such as Portishead and Zero 7.

Yet, although these tracks radiate the gentle emotion of adult contemporary, it is the juxtaposition of the vocals in the remainder of the tracks that throws the album into the Black Metal category. 

Completely counteracting its backdrop, the Death Metal growls and sinister whispers within tracks ‘Fever Room’, ‘Where Old Crystals Grow’ and ‘Psilocybin Death Spiral’ set Cicada The Burrower apart from all other artists on the scene.

Whilst the unpredictability and absence of one set genre may initially make listeners hesitant to delve into the album, it is this same intrigue and depiction of raw human emotion that prevents Corpseflower from becoming a soon-to-be-forgotten commercial success.

Playing by her own rules and creating an album distinctive to herself, it goes without question that Cicada The Burrower has piqued our interest with Corpseflower and leaves us longing to hear more. Forming an unreplicable blend of genres and reinventing our expectations from a metal album, the album is certain to resonate with all those willing to open their mind to it.



Corpseflower is set to be released on April 23rd via BlueBedroom Records. To check out two of the tracks on the album, click HERE!

To keep up to date with Cicada The Burrower, check out the links below!


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